using children for inspiration…

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The `dolls’ or toys may seem tenuously related to interior design however dolls can be made from beautiful textiles from which we can get ideas about decorating. Also there needn’t be an exclusion of decoration used traditionally in children’s spaces from the shared spaces of the family home. Its important to be reminded of our child selves and get in touch with the freedom and exploration that exists so purely in childhood. I believe our lives are too adult and serious – which is very often reflected in bland and unimaginative interiors of our homes.

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Glazed walls and doors to create cosy nooks

Being Melbourne the weather’s changed and its cool and cloudy today. This has drawn my focus back inside where cosiness is the order of the day. In european countries like Holland, France and Germany, steel frames with glass panels are used to create separate cosy spaces. This allows for the use of lovely light fabrics as panels or blinds. Here are some examples.

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